Our Projects


Project: Slovak Futnet Championship


Project: Youth Table Tennis Tournament

    • Agilita OZ participated in organising of the Youth table Tennis Tournament held in the town of Sliac. Young people from the three districts of Zvolen, Detva and Krupina tooka part in the event.
      Click here to read more about the tournament. 


Project: Building fair play

March – April

  • The main goal of the project is to initiate a discussion among young people on the Fair PLAY topic and getting the young involved in sports and healthy life activities. Paricipants of the project are young people from Slovakia nad Germany between thirteen and thirty years of age who have already met with hostile acts as discrimination and racism among others.

The project is funded under the grant scheme ERASMUS+.
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Project: Work Opportunities for Excluded and Disadvantaged Groupstaska promo sk

November – December

    • Agilita OZ (NGO) created and facilitated, in cooperation with the Charity of Sliac, a process of giving a real work opportunity to DSS Hrabiny (institution – Home for people with special needs, www.dsshrabiny.sk).The main goal of the project is to provide work opportunities for excluded and disadvantaged groups of people and at the same time to bring back craftsmanship which has been neglected and even lost in our European regions once famous for their crafts.

Find out more about the project here.

Project: A Short Story Competition

April – May


Project: Getting to Know Via Sports Activities


  • Friendly table tennis match Sliač – Trpín. Meeting new municipalities, promotion of the town and region. Click here.


Project: LAER

September – December

  • Learning About European Regions
    Mission of the Project:
    enabling students to use “real” English for promoting their region to other young people living in EU countries and at the same time to have a chance to learn about other European regions as well.
    Main Benefits from the Project:
    – using and practicing “real” English
    – finding out about European regions
    – using and working with IT



Project: English Language Support to Rural Areas

 January – May, 2013

  • Free weekly support for English learners of all levels, beginners to advanced,  in rural Hungary, Bekescsaba – library.

Project: Jerseys for TK Sliač

April – May 2013

  • Agilita approached sponsors in order to raise funding for purchase of jerseys for local tennis club TK Sliač (youth teams) and volunteer organisers of sports events for people of the town of Sliac. The following companies provided sponsorship: MONTA – ZVOLEN, spol. s r.o., IKM REALITY-STAVING Banská Bystrica, a.s., REMONTA s.r.o., Zvolenská Slatina, IDJ s.r.o., Detva.

Project: BK  Sliač

February-March 2013

  • Agilita provided developmental and technical support for BK Sliač, a club based in Central Slovakia with the goal of creating healthier lifestyles and getting people of all ages physically active.  BK Sliač also holds competitions that are aimed to bring in participants from throughout Slovakia, neighboring countries and further abroad.  Agilita was able to help assist BK Sliač goals in this area through the creation and promotion of its website.  For more information visit the  BK Sliač website.


Project: “Sliačske divadielko”

May – August 2012

  • Goal: to provide information of the rich history and cultural significance of Sliac, Slovakia and the surrounding region in an interesting and entertaining way for local youth using illustrated scenery and the performance of literary and historical texts and music
  • Suport: YOUTHBANK MAGNET, Komunitná nadácia Zdravé mesto B. Bystrica, Nadácia SPP
  • Reference: www.youthbank.knzm.sk/sliacske divadielko

Project: “Poďme spolu lietať… – pozri, Sliač už letí !!!”

May – June 2012

  • Goal: the popularization and promotion of aviation, aviation techniques and transport via scientific, artistic and literary contests with a special focus on regional education for students and the youth in the  Banska Bystrica region
  • Support: Letisko Sliač a. s. (joint stock company)
  • Reference: www.airportsliac.sk/podme spolu lietat, www.sliacdnes.sk/podme spolu lietat

Project: “Getting to Know Our Neighbors”

March – April 2012

  • Goal: The creation of better understanding between young people in neighbouring countries through learning about one’s respective neighbour and developing language and communication skills
  • Reference:  www.sliacdnes.sk/getting to know our neighbors,


Project: “A Region in Europe”  – geographical contest in English language

November – December 2011

ANGLIČTINA – základné pravidlá anglického jazyka (Brochure of basic rules of English language)

  • Goal: A popular, educative brochure for learners of English in a form of basic rules of the English language in 33+1 lessons with inspirational examples for improving the communicative skills of all students
  • Support: Robert Karniš, Sam Margolis, TheNews.sk
  • Reference: Slovenská knižnica Martin, www.thenews.sk/anglictina

TheNews.sk – portal for Slovak learners of English

  • Goal: An educative portal for Slovak learners of English
  • Support: Robert Karniš, Sam Margolis


Sliacdnes.sk – community portal

February – until now

  • Goal: Information on activities in the town of Sliac and its surroundings, interesting news, and issues faced by local inhabitants
  • Support: Robert Karniš
  • Referencie: Sliacdnes.sk


Projekt: Vlastivedná sieň Štefana Hudáka Sliač

January 2005 – until now